Gas Furnace Basics: Part 4 – Cleaning & Final Assessment

Now for the cleaning and final evaluation of this unit. Mike pulls and cleans the blower, checks one last time for any cracks in the heat exchanger, measures the blower motor amperage and tests the final heat rise for this furnace. View

  • Running Length : 16:23
  • Date Added : 5/28/10

Gas Furnace Basics: Part 1 – Initial Assessment

Join the WxTV crew as we dive deep into a clean, tune, and test of a gas furnace. In Part 1 of this series, our master plumber Mike Campbell guides us through the initial inspection, clocks the gas meter, and calculates proper combustion air. View

  • Running Length : 18:44
  • Date Added : 5/28/10

Heating Basics: A Tour of 9 Systems

Join us as our master plumber, Mike Campbell, takes us on a tour of 9 heating systems the weatherization professional may encounter. We'll look at the fundamentals that all heating systems share. Then Mike will break down a wide variety of in-home systems into those simple concepts. Ben's Tool Box Feature - Tools for the HVAC Professional. View

  • Running Length : 44:22
  • Date Added : 5/24/10