Welcome to our new site… and the very first WxTV blog post!


As you can see we’ve been quite busy during our brief hiatus from uploading new episodes. We’ve taken every WxTV episode, categorized it and loaded it into our database. No longer will you have to pour through every episode to find what you need – simply use the search feature. Search by title, keyword, or even by series (like our Health & Safety Series for instance).

Our main goal was to make things easier and more useful for you, the viewer. We’ve added a blog (you’re reading it right now, in case you hadn’t noticed) and some rather prominent buttons to get you involved with the show. It’s not just about us producing videos and you watching them…we need you to click that button to become part of the show. Trust us, it’ll be fun and educational for everyone.

And if you’re still hesitant about being on camera, than at least click the “Login” button on our home page to create an account so you can receive email updates about the show. Don’t worry, we won’t flood your inbox, just an email here and there to let you know when a new show it ready for viewing.

Hard at Work in Goodnews Bay, AK

Speaking of new shows, you don’t think we’d spend our entire break working on a website, do you? We’ve been hard at work behind the camera too.

To match our website’s visual and feature-rich facelift, we had to step up our game and get amazing footage for this year’s new shows. In the can, and on the way to the website, are some episodes that many viewers have been asking to see. It certainly isn’t everything, but it’ll give you a taste of what’s to come.

Here’s our fall lineup:

Multifamily Case Study – Weatherization of a Chicago High-rise

Weatherization in Rural Alaska – Goodnews Bay, AK

Ten Steps for Energy Efficient Living (Part of our Consumer Education Series)

Air Sealing Technical Short

Side-By-Side Comparison (A new series to compare weatherization materials and products)


Thanks for watching and we’d like to hear from you soon! – Ben and Vince

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