NCAF’s 2011 Energy and Community Economic Development Partnership Conference

Last month we participated in NCAF’s annual conference in St. Petersburg, FL. We were honored to share the stage with David Bradley and Mike Roman, two individuals responsible for setting the funding for WxTV into motion. WxTV got a lot of air time at the conference, we met a lot of great folks who use the show, and discussed countless ideas for upcoming episodes. We’d like to thank NCAF and ExxonMobil for their contribution and hope to continue this relationship for years to come.

Should We Call it Winterizing Again?

We’re not sure how is it in your neck of the woods, but here in the Mountain West it’s getting cold. Negative 3 degrees the other morning means it is just about the right time to release our, “Weatherizing in Rural Alaska,” episode. It’s one of the more exotic bits of footage we’ve shot, an episode you’re sure to enjoy. If you think it is tough weatherizing homes in your region, just try figuring out the logistics of getting supplies to Goodnews Bay, AK…and then you’ll still need to work with the wind and rain ripping off the Bering Sea… Give us a week or two and look for the announcement!


Thanks for watching – Ben and Vince

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