The Downloads Are Ready!

We have been fielding many calls and emails regarding our promise to provide downloadable versions of WxTV. Well, the day has finally come! You’ll note next to each video (check the picture above) there’s a link for both Hi Res (960×540) and a Lo Res (640×360) versions. Pick up one, pick up both, it doesn’t matter, they’re free. We only ask that our videos be given proper credit when you show them and that you aren’t using them for world domination or for evil of any sort.

You’ll find the Hi Res version useful for laptops, tablets (if you have the space), and classroom presentations. If you’re into saving space, or want your WxTV videos highly mobile, download the Lo Res version and put it on your iPhone or other Smart Phone device.

If you are putting these on a Smart Phone or iPad, it’s best to download your video of choice onto your home or office computer first, and then sync your mobile device from there.


There’s Still More to Come…

Although the video downloads are ready, there’s a lot more we’d like to make available for everyone. First on our list is a “Learning Objectives” sheet to accompany each video. This downloadable PDF will provide the need-to-know basics for each episode, as well as a blueprint for integrating WxTV with the Department of Energy Standardized Curricula.


Want a Different Version?

If you are looking for something a bit different, perhaps a WMV file for PowerPoint integration, please contact us through our info@wxtvonline address and we’ll see what we can do. There will be a charge for custom downloads.


Thanks for watching – Ben and Vince

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