Duct Sealing

We'll take a look at sealing some common leaky spots in ductwork. Cal Steiner will show us how to seal up those duct boots properly as well as stuffing and sealing the ends of duct runs. View

  • Running Length : 15:04
  • Date Added : 6/29/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating the Walls

This is the last installment of our Mobile Home Series on insulation. This episode focuses on insulating the walls of a mobile home. Ken and his crew will demonstrate the technique of bat stuffing those walls as well as blowing-in hard to reach spots. View

  • Running Length : 9:36
  • Date Added : 6/25/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating the Belly

The North Dakota boys are back at it, this time insulating the belly of mobile homes. Check out the different methods of accessing the belly cavity to blow in the insulation. View

  • Running Length : 13:06
  • Date Added : 6/23/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating Attics By Lifting the Lid

This is the last installment of our attic insulation group and is a continuation of work on the home Edgar audited in an earlier episode. Here we'll see the guys lift the lid to blow in the insulation. We'll also pick up some additional sealing, patching, and general insulating tips from Ken and his crew in Jamestown, ND. View

  • Running Length : 19:21
  • Date Added : 6/19/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating Attics Through the Roof

This is one of several installments in our Mobile Home Series. We team up with Dale Barth and his crew in North Dakota as they guide us through the steps for blowing insulation into an attic space by drilling through the roof. This is a good chance to pick up some of Cal Steiner's tricks for working on mobile homes. View

  • Running Length : 9:18
  • Date Added : 6/16/10

Mobile Home Series: Determining Existing Insulation for the Audit

This is a follow-up to Cal Steiner's mobile home insulation introduction. We visit Edgar Stiem in North Dakota as he guides us through the steps for determining the existing insulation in mobile home attics and bellies for the audit. He will also make us aware of typical problem spots that must be sound prior to blowing insulation. View

  • Running Length : 8:18
  • Date Added : 6/15/10

Mobile Home Series: Advice from Cal Steiner

To launch our series on mobile homes, we've gone to North Dakota to speak with Cal Steiner, one of the nation's most well-known mobile home trainers. He gives us some general guidence on weatherizing a mobile home, with special emphasis on techniques for insulating these units. View

  • Running Length : 9:37
  • Date Added : 6/10/10