WxTV – Tribute

As a final tribute this sizzle reel takes a look back at some of the memorable moments of WxTV. View

  • Running Length : 3:28
  • Date Added : 11/6/13

Adding Supplemental Heat – Part 1: Installation

With winter approaching we're all thinking about those cold spots in our homes. In Part 1 of this 3-part series, our master plumber Mike Campbell will take us through the installation of a fancoil heater into an existing boiler system. This is a great option for any room that isn't getting enough heat where you may have been using a space heater. View

  • Running Length : 17:12
  • Date Added : 10/16/13

Home Energy Ratings: A Look at the Options

Something that's been gaining steam among homeowners, realtors and auditors is the home energy rating, which allows us to compare and certify homes on an energy efficiency basis. Jon Shafer of PowerHouse ICS will guide us through scoring a home using a HERS audit and describe to us how this rating system compares to others you may have heard of. View

  • Running Length : 10:17
  • Date Added : 8/16/13

IR : Vermont

Continuing with our 'IR Series' we'll follow Tim Page on a home energy audit way up in northern Vermont. He'll show us how practical infrared imaging can be to locate insulation and air sealing issues in a home that exhibits a wide array of building practices. View

  • Running Length : 18:40
  • Date Added : 7/17/13

How To Be Lead-Safe: Exterior Containment

In this episode we'll demonstrate several options for exterior containment on a home with lead-based paint. In complying with EPA's Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule and DOE's LSW Rule, we need to contain the dust that we create on the job site. View

  • Running Length : 18:24
  • Date Added : 5/22/13

Blower Machine Maintenance

In this episode WxTV hooks up with the terrific team at Snug Planet in Ithaca, NY to show you a bit about machine maintenance on a Krendl and why it's important. View

  • Running Length : 19:07
  • Date Added : 3/18/13

How To Be Lead-Safe: Interior Containment

We'll show you some examples of one of the most common renovation tasks in a pre-78 home, setting up containment for interior work. There are minimum standards to guide you, but there's no set recipe to follow. It's your job to keep the dust from spreading to the rest of the home. View

  • Running Length : 14:41
  • Date Added : 2/25/13

How To Be Lead-Safe: Testing For Lead

If you're renovating, repairing, or painting a home, disturbing lead-based paint can be a serious health hazard for both children and adults. WxTV will take a look at the EPA and DOE-approved methods to test for lead paint at the job site. View

  • Running Length : 12:10
  • Date Added : 11/29/12

OSHA Hazards: Fall Protection

WxTV will set its sights on the number one cause of fatalities on the job site, falls, and what OSHA requirements you need to know to protect yourself. Tune in to get the goods on the gear to stay safe and alive. View

  • Running Length : 11:28
  • Date Added : 10/29/12

NRCERT Multifamily Audit Process

Our friends at the New River Center for Energy Research & Training give us a great rundown of the process they use for energy audits of multifamily residences. View

  • Running Length : 7:41
  • Date Added : 9/14/12

Smart Grid 101 – Smart Decisions for the Future

What is Smart Grid? What potential does this technology hold for the future of our electrical power supply system? Here is a brief spot we developed with the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy through the DOE to help inform and prepare consumers and the energy workforce as Smart Grid moves forward. View

  • Running Length : 6:32
  • Date Added : 9/6/12

Consumer Education Series: Storm Windows

This episode focuses on those old, drafty single-pane windows and one option for making them more efficient, storm windows. Integrating high performance technologies from fitted windows, today's storm windows offer similar savings and comfort to window replacements at a fraction of the cost. We'll travel to Atlanta, GA to see what one manufacturer has to offer. View

  • Running Length : 7:54
  • Date Added : 6/26/12

Exploring Energy Efficiency & Alternatives Toolkit

There's lots of demand out there for information on home energy efficiency and alternative energy. This educational toolkit is designed to be a resource for universities, energy educators, and homeowners to learn more. View

  • Running Length : 5:10
  • Date Added : 5/24/12

The Warmest Village In Alaska

And you think your crew and supply logistics are tough to manage... we're out in the bush- in Goodnews Bay, Alaska on a rare sunny day. WxTV is going to show you weatherization in a remote Yup'ik Eskimo village on the Bering Sea where everything is unique. From shipping supplies in on a barge, to hiring crew members from the local village down to the measures installed to keep these residents warm during the brutal Alaskan winters. View

  • Running Length : 25:51
  • Date Added : 2/7/12

10 Steps to Energy Efficient Living

As part of our Consumer Education Series, WxTV will take a look at things that you can do as the homeowner to start saving money on your energy bills. We'll start with some of the most basic improvements and work our way up to things that are a bit more involved or costly. View

  • Running Length : 19:16
  • Date Added : 12/13/11

Weatherize A Highrise

In this Multifamily Series case study, John Yi will walk us through a highrise weatherization project in uptown Chicago, where the agency developed a partnership with a rather unique residents association. View

  • Running Length : 10:38
  • Date Added : 11/10/11

Baseload & ENERGY STAR: The energy our appliances use

As part of our Consumer Ed Series, this is our baseload episode. We're going to travel to Raleigh, NC to join Sarah Kirby as she shows us ways to figure out the energy that our appliances use. We'll also see ways to cut those costs and how ENERGY STAR appliances will help. View

  • Running Length : 15:36
  • Date Added : 9/22/11

Portable 2-Part Foam

In this Technical Short we take a look at 2-part polyurethane spray foam. We've invited a rep to our Lab to demonstrate a lightweight, disposable kit that might be a good alternative to larger set-ups for some jobs. View

  • Running Length : 8:32
  • Date Added : 7/6/11

IR Basics

WxTV will take an in depth look at the use of thermography in weatherization for assessing building condition. We'll travel to Vermont and visit with John Snell, a Level III veteran trainer of nearly 30 years, who'll show how this technology allows us to see things no other technology can. But first, an interesting look at the history of IR... View

  • Running Length : 15:44
  • Date Added : 6/28/11

Removing Aluminum Siding

WxTV heads to the Boston area to see how aluminum siding is removed and replaced without damage. We'll catch up with Victor Brown and Michael McMahon to see the tricks they use when insulating this kind of home. View

  • Running Length : 15:52
  • Date Added : 5/31/11

A Look Inside A Wall: Dense Packing

A lot of people have been asking, "What is actually happening when dense packing a wall?" In this Technical Short, WxTV takes a look inside a dense-pack training wall to see exactly what's going on. View

  • Running Length : 11:47
  • Date Added : 4/29/11

Multifamily Wx Series: Intro to Multifamily Weatherization

In this new series WxTV will be taking a first look at an emerging area of the industry, multifamily weatherization. We'll be heading to New York, where Andy Padian will guide us through two multifamily projects in the Syracuse area. View

  • Running Length : 20:54
  • Date Added : 4/15/11

A Tour of DOE’s Standardized Curricula

WxTV will glide through the Department of Energy's Standardized Curricula and take a look at what's inside. We'll also hear from a couple of trainers who helped develop this versatile, resource-packed tool. View

  • Running Length : 8:56
  • Date Added : 3/24/11

Training America’s Wx Workforce

WxTV will take a look inside eight weatherization training centers around the country to see what they're doing to train the weatherization workforce. The technology and techniques in training have come a long way. View

  • Running Length : 20:49
  • Date Added : 2/11/11

Attic Prep & Insulation

Insulating an attic is one of the cornerstones of weatherization. On a six degree day in Fargo, ND, Doug Bakke and crew will show us what to look for when prepping and sealing an attic and then blowing in cellulose to reach an R50 target. View

  • Running Length : 17:33
  • Date Added : 1/24/11

Health & Safety Series: Mold & Moisture

WxTV jumps back into our Health & Safety Series with this episode dealing with mold and moisture problems. We'll travel to the states of Washington and Maryland to look at three homes with existing mold problems and listen to how these crews handled this challenging health issue. View

  • Running Length : 14:23
  • Date Added : 1/14/11

Consumer Education Series: Residential Wind Energy

WxTV will take a peek into another of the renewable energy options for homeowners - wind turbines. Michael Goldschmidt visits local green architect, Nicholas Peckham, as they tour his residential system. View

  • Running Length : 13:04
  • Date Added : 1/7/11

Consumer Education Series: Solar Water Heating

Dan Shifley and Michael Goldschmidt will team up to show us the basics of a solar water heating system. Tune in to see why we think this a very viable alternative energy option for homeowners. View

  • Running Length : 14:47
  • Date Added : 12/23/10

Consumer Education Series: Solar PV

WxTV will take a look at alternative energy options for homeowners, starting with solar. We've teamed up with Michael Goldschmidt of the University of Missouri Extension who's picked out a very simple home application to highlight the basics of photovoltaic (PV) power. View

  • Running Length : 14:46
  • Date Added : 12/10/10

Consumer Education Series: Lighting 101

Our new Consumer Education Series is designed to help Wx professionals educate clients on ways that they can save energy and money on their own. In this episode, Marsha Alexander of the University of Missouri Extension will guide us through the science and art of energy-efficient lighting choices. View

  • Running Length : 11:23
  • Date Added : 11/26/10

Accessing Stucco Walls for Dense Packing

WxTV will take a look at a great technique for insulating stucco homes, particularly gaining access to those sidewalls for dense packing, that folks have been asking for. The crews from North Dakota step up to the plate again. View

  • Running Length : 14:18
  • Date Added : 11/10/10

Highlight Reel 2

Presented at the 2010 CIF Community Economic Development & NCAF Energy Programs Leveraging Conference View

  • Running Length : 4:36
  • Date Added : 11/6/10

Blower Door Basics: Part 3 – The Breakdown

In the final part of this series, Ben will break down the results of our blower door test and sum up the major findings. But first WxTV will take an animated look at the physics happening when we run a blower door. Ben's Toolbox Feature - tools used during the blower door process View

  • Running Length : 9:53
  • Date Added : 10/29/10

Blower Door Basics: Part 2 – The Test Process

The second part of this series will pick up with our blower door test from the moment we turn on the manometer. We'll also get to find out what the major infiltrations of this house are as Ben searches for air leakage. To start things off though, Anthony Cox stopped by WxTV to talk a bit about building science. View

  • Running Length : 14:36
  • Date Added : 10/15/10

Blower Door Basics: Part 1 – Prep & Setup

WxTV will take a look at the ins and outs of blower door testing. To make things even more interesting we'll be testing the tightness of a strawbale house. In this first part, Ben will walk us through the pre-test inspection, prep of the home and setup of the blower door. View

  • Running Length : 15:00
  • Date Added : 10/8/10

Weatherization in the Navajo Nation

WxTV is back on the road again, this time to Window Rock, AZ, where we'll take a look at some of the similar and unique challenges that this new weatherization program faces. View

  • Running Length : 13:37
  • Date Added : 10/1/10

Health & Safety Series: Getting Started

In the first part of this new series WxTV will take a quick look at why health and safety is not just an afterthought but a funded component of the DOE weatherization program for workers and clients. View

  • Running Length : 10:50
  • Date Added : 9/10/10

Boiler Basics: Part 1 – Combustion Air & Drafting

WxTV's master plumber Mike Campbell is back at it again, this time giving us the low-down on boiler systems. In Part 1 of this series, we'll see how he tests for, and proposes to resolve, a backdrafting problem. View

  • Running Length : 15:06
  • Date Added : 8/13/10

Weatherization in the Pacific Islands

WxTV is on the road again and this time to the Pacific Islands to check in with some of the WAP program's newest members. We'll see why saving energy is crucial even in a tropical paradise. View

  • Running Length : 16:21
  • Date Added : 8/6/10

Where To Find It: www.eXtension.org

In this feature we'll highlight an online database developed by USDA Extension containing all sorts of useful information for consumers and professionals alike. We'll focus on the Home Energy section supported by the Department of Energy. View

  • Running Length : 12:24
  • Date Added : 7/28/10

Weatherization In a Hot & Arid Climate

We went on the road to Phoenix, Arizona to look at some ways that weatherization is unique for this climate. We'll see some of the challenges these crews face trying to keep homes in this region cool. View

  • Running Length : 11:27
  • Date Added : 7/16/10

Dense Packing Walls with Cellulose from the Interior

A crew in Butte, Montana will demonstrate insulating the walls of a very old home that contains some balloon framing. Watch how the guys use this type of construction to prevent having to drill holes in the interior where possible. View

  • Running Length : 14:07
  • Date Added : 7/9/10

Gearing Up: Outfitting a Wx Crew Trailer

In this feature we'll highlight what crews and agencies have done to equip themselves for weatherization work. Dale Barth, with Community Action Partnership out of North Dakota, will show us the newest generation of their crew trailer with all the refinements they need to work efficiently. View

  • Running Length : 14:54
  • Date Added : 7/2/10

Duct Sealing

We'll take a look at sealing some common leaky spots in ductwork. Cal Steiner will show us how to seal up those duct boots properly as well as stuffing and sealing the ends of duct runs. View

  • Running Length : 15:04
  • Date Added : 6/29/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating the Walls

This is the last installment of our Mobile Home Series on insulation. This episode focuses on insulating the walls of a mobile home. Ken and his crew will demonstrate the technique of bat stuffing those walls as well as blowing-in hard to reach spots. View

  • Running Length : 9:36
  • Date Added : 6/25/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating the Belly

The North Dakota boys are back at it, this time insulating the belly of mobile homes. Check out the different methods of accessing the belly cavity to blow in the insulation. View

  • Running Length : 13:06
  • Date Added : 6/23/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating Attics By Lifting the Lid

This is the last installment of our attic insulation group and is a continuation of work on the home Edgar audited in an earlier episode. Here we'll see the guys lift the lid to blow in the insulation. We'll also pick up some additional sealing, patching, and general insulating tips from Ken and his crew in Jamestown, ND. View

  • Running Length : 19:21
  • Date Added : 6/19/10

Mobile Home Series: Insulating Attics Through the Roof

This is one of several installments in our Mobile Home Series. We team up with Dale Barth and his crew in North Dakota as they guide us through the steps for blowing insulation into an attic space by drilling through the roof. This is a good chance to pick up some of Cal Steiner's tricks for working on mobile homes. View

  • Running Length : 9:18
  • Date Added : 6/16/10

Mobile Home Series: Determining Existing Insulation for the Audit

This is a follow-up to Cal Steiner's mobile home insulation introduction. We visit Edgar Stiem in North Dakota as he guides us through the steps for determining the existing insulation in mobile home attics and bellies for the audit. He will also make us aware of typical problem spots that must be sound prior to blowing insulation. View

  • Running Length : 8:18
  • Date Added : 6/15/10

Mobile Home Series: Advice from Cal Steiner

To launch our series on mobile homes, we've gone to North Dakota to speak with Cal Steiner, one of the nation's most well-known mobile home trainers. He gives us some general guidence on weatherizing a mobile home, with special emphasis on techniques for insulating these units. View

  • Running Length : 9:37
  • Date Added : 6/10/10

Highlight Reel 1

Here's a sampling of highlights from the early episodes. This clip was shown at the press unveiling event for WxTV in early June 2010. View

  • Running Length : 7:54
  • Date Added : 6/2/10

Gas Furnace Basics: Part 4 – Cleaning & Final Assessment

Now for the cleaning and final evaluation of this unit. Mike pulls and cleans the blower, checks one last time for any cracks in the heat exchanger, measures the blower motor amperage and tests the final heat rise for this furnace. View

  • Running Length : 16:23
  • Date Added : 5/28/10

Gas Furnace Basics: Part 1 – Initial Assessment

Join the WxTV crew as we dive deep into a clean, tune, and test of a gas furnace. In Part 1 of this series, our master plumber Mike Campbell guides us through the initial inspection, clocks the gas meter, and calculates proper combustion air. View

  • Running Length : 18:44
  • Date Added : 5/28/10

Heating Basics: A Tour of 9 Systems

Join us as our master plumber, Mike Campbell, takes us on a tour of 9 heating systems the weatherization professional may encounter. We'll look at the fundamentals that all heating systems share. Then Mike will break down a wide variety of in-home systems into those simple concepts. Ben's Tool Box Feature - Tools for the HVAC Professional. View

  • Running Length : 44:22
  • Date Added : 5/24/10

Auditing: The Selection of Measures

Part II of our two-part series on auditing. Dan Wood guides us through a state-specific audit format and takes our cameras on a final inspection of that challenging house from Part I of the series. Mark Ternes additionally provides an expert run-down of NEAT/MEHA audit software tools. Where to Find It? Feature - A tour of waptac.org resources. View

  • Running Length : 39:03
  • Date Added : 5/7/10

Auditing: The Challenge of the Site Visit

Part I of our two-part series on auditing. Follow our seasoned auditor, Dan, as he walks us through a site visit to assess the energy efficiency of a client's home prior to the installation of weatherization measures. Ben's Toolbox Feature - A breakdown of basic tools for the auditor. View

  • Running Length : 27:35
  • Date Added : 4/30/10

12 Steps to Lead Safety

Confused about how to deal with lead-based paint? This WxTV episode covers the basics of Lead-Safe Weatherization Minimum Standards and the EPA Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule (RRP) and guides you through a typical lead-safe job from start to finish. Innovation Showcase - A lead-safe trough system for exterior containment. View

  • Running Length : 45:26
  • Date Added : 4/14/10

This is the World of Weatherization

New to weatherization, or just curious about this growing section of our green-jobs economy? Take a look at this 40-minute video highlighting the weatherization process, from its beginnings to where it is today. Innovation Showcase - A HEPA shroud for angle drills. View

  • Running Length : 40:51
  • Date Added : 4/1/10